Save £10 a month

and we’ll add £10 to your child’s savings account.

Saving for children, made simple

We’ve made it really simple for families and friends to come together to support your children’s goals.

Easy to set up

No need for another bank account. We help you save money into your existing accounts. As long as these accounts can accept electronic payments, you’re all set.

Invite family and friends

Invite others to contribute. You’ll never need to share account details with anyone. We’ll store them securely and the full amount they pay will go directly to the nominated account of your choice.

Set goals and track progress

Create a goal for each account. It could be a small thing like buying a birthday present, bigger ticket items or major life events. Not sure what the future holds? There’s no need to commit to a goal just yet.

Say thank you

Send personalised thank you messages to family and friends for their contributions. Messages can come from you, your child or your family as a whole.


What is Offspring

Offspring is the simple way to turn your family and friends into a community of savers, who together will help your children get the start they need.

Use our app to work together towards a shared goal, then celebrate the pleasure of achieving it together.

Feel-good family saving.

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