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As the well awaited School Holidays approach, it may be difficult to decide which week you want to take your family away.

There’s the Easter break, the six-week long Summer holiday and even a half-term in the chillier October – but which one’s the best, and which one can you choose that will cost the least?

During Term Time

If you take your child out of school during term time, without the school’s approval, you risk a fine of anything between £50 to £100 per child, so it’s important that parents consider other options and times to vacate in.

Penalties for taking your child out during school time may be increased to £1,000!

Holidays During the Summer

Holidays are a lot cheaper during term time, with a survey finding that nine out of ten flights during the summer holidays were priced at a higher cost. Unfortunately, many parents and families will be restricted in taking holiday at any time in the year because of their jobs or their child’s school routine. Therefore, many families will have to have a vacation in the six weeks off during the Summer months.

During the Summer holidays you have a lot more opportunities to find a deal as there are more weeks to browse possible vacations through. However, it can be difficult to find a cheap option as these kinds of holidays are so high in demand. It’s important to book before February or as earliest as you can to avoid getting the worst and most expensive leftover options.

Holidays During Easter

You can find more deals during Easter and half-term breaks than you can in the Summer holidays, but it’s still all about searching through sites and visiting a travel agent, and getting your flight and hotel booked early on.

‘One flight compared was £700 more expensive if parents chose to fly during the summer school holidays’ - ThisisMoney

Finding Your Perfect Holiday

When booking a holiday, keep an eye out for hidden costs, such as reservation costs and booking and baggage fees.

Make sure you shop around and don’t settle for the first holiday you find to your destination. There are holiday sites that offer cheap deals for School Holidays and daily deals on websites that will help you get a better price on your trip. You could also go in store to a travel agent and see if they can offer you a good deal too.

It may also be beneficial to avoid a holiday package and book elements of your trip separately. Compare the difference between flight only and flight and hotel packages, and you may find out that booking from two different companies is far more cost effective.

Stay in the United Kingdom

Often people are so lost in searching for their perfect break abroad, that they often forget they can have an amazing holiday right here in the UK, sometimes for a fraction of the price. You could always take your family away to a resort in England or have a weekend away in Wales. This means you aren’t restricted by flight times or an inflation of prices during School Holidays, you can simply ride in your car to your destination and avoid the stress of flying.