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The summer holidays have come to an end, and it’s time for you and your children to get ready for the new term at school.

It’s never easy getting prepared for the first week, let alone the entire next schooling period. There are pens to buy, new pencil cases to invest in and books that need to be bought. As times have progressed, there are also essential technology items that every secondary school child needs to have as well. But, where do you start, and how much should you spend?


Perhaps one of the most popular technological items for children is a mobile phone. You will want something simple, but reliable. Google Pixel phones are around $650 which is around £525, if you buy them through a carrier. Alternatively, older versions of iPhones can work out equally as pricey, with the iPhone 7 available on Argos at £409. Do your children need a phone? This is a decision you’ll need to make as a family, but it is a great tool to keep in touch throughout the day. Just make sure you know the school’s rules and talk to your child about good phone etiquette.

One in four children under the age of six has a smartphone, a survey has found


In this technological age, laptops are an essential part of learning and education. There are lots of different types of laptops you can choose from too – Chromebooks, MacBooks and netbooks – which are all varied in price. Choosing a laptop depends on what you want from it – gaming, internet browsing, homework or all three. You can get a refurbished laptop from laptopsdirect for as little as £89.97, but if you’re looking for a top of the range graphic card, and an incredible processor, then a laptop could cost you over £4000.

Portable Chargers

With so many technological items needing charge, it can be difficult to find available plugs to give them the electrical boost they need. Portable chargers are a great back to school item because they provide power when you need it the most. Some of the best portable chargers on Amazon start at £12.96, and rise to £36.99!

Did you know technology allows for creativity & freedom of expression, and aids in socialization and relationship building?


Headphones are an essential gadget for listening to music on long journeys to and from school. If you’ve saved up for an iPhone you’re likely to want the matching APPLE Airpods, which come in at an incredible £159 at Currys. On the other hand, if you’re looking for headsets, then the bigger headphones can be as costly as £272!


A USB is a vital tool in keeping valuable data safe and transporting it from one laptop to another computer. It’s great for children who use laptops at school and need to take their work home with them. The more memory on the USB stick, the more expensive it will be. For a memory stick with 128 GB, you’re looking at around £35, but this can go up, depending on the size and the make of the USB.

Smart Pencil Case

If you’re looking for a minimalistic school bag, then the smart pencil case is a great choice for children who want to save space in their bag for snacks’ Smart pencil cases double up as a nifty stationary holder and a calculator!

Scientific Calculator

A scientific calculator is a requirement for mathematics at school, especially as phones for calculations are prohibited during classes. A top of the range CASIO scientific calculator is around £22.00 on Amazon, but you can get it with a Maths set for £25.99!

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