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About us

We provide a simple way for families and friends to come together to save as a group for the children in their lives.

Why use the Offspring Savings App?

Growing up is a costly business, and parents work hard to give their children the best possible start in life.

This could be a birthday present, a special holiday or a school trip.

Maybe it’s once in a lifetime moment: buying their first car, a university degree, a wedding or their first home.

Often, family members and friends want to help but face the difficult task of bringing everyone together.  And sometimes giving money as a gift can feel a bit thoughtless. 

What is Offspring?

Offspring is the simple way to turn your family and friends into a community of savers.  Together they can give your children the gifts they really need.

By using the Offspring savings app, the people around you can work towards a shared goal, then celebrate the pleasure of achieving it together.

Our aim is to make saving simple, to make it work for you and your child’s future, with maximum impact. You link the Offspring Savings app to existing bank accounts, and you can decide what you’re saving for. And then you can choose the information you want to share with those who have contributed, so that they stay a part of your child’s saving journey.

This is just the start. Over time, Offspring will develop additional services to help families and their children get the most from their future. Connect with us and keep up to date with the Offspring story.

Our team

As a young financial technology (“fintech”) business we are a bit different. 

Our founders and management team bring over 125 years of experience in building and managing successful consumer oriented financial services businesses.

Their experience is augmented by the skills of a passionate team of technology, user experience and data specialists who firmly believe in Offspring’s mission.

Image of David White

David White

David is passionate about helping families provide a financial springboard for their children, into adulthood. He believes Offspring can be a catalyst that enables families achieve goals for their children.

Having helped engineer the most successful children’s savings initiative ever – the Child Trust Fund – and it’s descendent, the Junior ISA,  he is a leading policy thinker in the market.

As Chair of Offspring, David will dedicate his experience to making it the natural way for the whole family to engage in saving for their children – something truly important given the real financial challenges our young people face today.

Image of Avinash Rajan

Avinash Rajan

Avinash’s family and friends have played a crucial role in giving his son a great set of experiences. However, when gifts of money have been involved, the process of receiving them has often been clunky and, sometimes, awkward.

Avinash founded Offspring to make it easy for family and friends to save for their children and share in the pleasure of achieving a mutual goal.

As CEO, he is responsible for all things that will make Offspring useful to families.

Photo of Nick Lee

Nick Lee

With two children in their mid 20s, Nick is very aware of the strain that university and starting out puts on family savings.

He is passionate about helping families save more effectively for their children’s futures by providing a simple, engaging and rewarding way of saving.

Nick is a co-founder of Offspring and is responsible for ensuring all of the business’s operations work smoothly.

Steven Hewlett-Light

Having spent 15 years in big banks running huge tech and digital projects, Steven knows a fair bit about getting game-changing tech projects off the ground.

As the father of a young daughter, he also appreciates the challenge of balancing lifestyle with saving for the future.

Steven is the driving force behind the Offspring product and oversees all product development and marketing activity.

Image of Anthony Channon

Anthony Channon

Anthony is a Data and Analytics Leader. He’s experienced in architecting and delivering global analytics platforms across the private and public sectors and developing data science capabilities to get business value from them.

He’s the father of two young boys and husband in a busy family and he’s excited about the role that Offspring could play in helping families achieve goals that might otherwise be unobtainable to them.

Anthony is responsible for technology, data and analytics at Offspring, ensuring we have the tools and capabilities at our disposal to maximise the value we can bring to our customers.