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Investment case

​If you are interested in participating as an early stage investor in a business with significant growth potential and an aligned societal benefit, we will be happy to share our story and the progress we have made in realising our ambitions.

Our mission

We want the next generation to start their adult life with a little less debt than they currently do. We see the opportunity to help at least 100,000,000 children around the world, starting in the UK, by working with families, financial institutions and other businesses that support families.

Want to help us get there?

A global opportunity to change the face of children's savings

To help you qualify the step towards a conversation with us, here are some handy points for you to consider:

  • Offspring operates in a market with significant opportunity in the UK and globally…the world is full of parents, families and their children
  • We will help families save more for their children by creating a community and marketplace where all participants contribute towards increasing savings
  • We will play a role in facilitating inter-generational transition of wealth
  • We are an experienced management team supported by advisory board and investors. We understand the complexities involved in the financial services industry and have a clear idea about how to make it easier for families to build savings
  • Offspring is not a bank, building society or investment manager. It acts as a service layer aligned to a customer’s existing bank, savings and investment accounts
  • Offspring will operate a subscription revenue model generating predictable revenues
  • We have a strong pipeline of potential revenue generating partnerships
  • Over time we will use our understanding of families and groups to develop additional revenue opportunities
  • Offspring is the operating brand for C. Saver Limited which is an Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) eligible investment i.e. tax efficient